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San Francisco’s Dead To Me have returned to Southern California for another round of good times and good tunes at VLHS. It hasn’t even been 6 months since these guys tore the place to shreds back in December and they’ve brought back even more energy with a new line-up of support from Broadway Calls, The Arteries, and Horror Squad. Sadly, I did not arrive in time to see Horror Squad, but I’m sure they must have opened the show with as much enthusiasm as the others.

The Arteries. I’ve been waiting for those guys to visit the west coast ever since I picked up their second full-length, Dead Sea (released via Paper + Plastick), last year. They played with big smiles on their faces and put so much energy into their set. I hope to see more of them very soon. I made sure not to leave the show without picking up their 7” split featuring the Arrivals, which I will provide a link for you to purchase at the end of this page. Broadway Calls I have seen before. They played at Aladdin Jr.last year on my buddy’s birthday and it was a real treat to see them again. The response was everything you’d want at a show and then some. There was a lot of back and forth between Ty (Vocals/Guitar) and the crowd.

After all that, Dead To Me took the stage late into the night. You’d think by now the fans would be tired, but with the first chords and notes  from “Undertow”, everyone threw themselves at the stage and doubled the enthusiasm shown earlier. The band constructed a well mixed set of old and new, including “Reckless Behavior” and “The Monarch Hotel” from their last release, Moscow Penne Ante (released via Fat Wreck Chords). There was a lot of dancing to be had and lots of arms around friends and strangers alike for their set. With the night over, VLHS reaching it’s first anniversary, finished the night off with a dance party after their set. It was a great time for friends and fans, casual or die-hard.

Dead To Me will be touring this coming October as part of the Fat Tour 2012 with label mates Lagwagon, The Flatliners, and Useless ID. If you are located in the East Coast, make sure to catch them when they come rolling through your town. If you’re located in the west coast (like me), it doesn’t hurt to wish this tour will venture it’s way over to California. 

For details on Fat Tour 2012, visit:

The Arteries merch available here:

Dead To Me

VLHS 2012.05.30

Support: Broadway Calls, The Arteries, Horror Squad.

Sorry. No setlist this time. Feel free to fill me in.

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